Availity: Prior Authorizations Go Live Next Monday

Prior Authorizations are Live on Availity Next Monday, September 18, 2023

You will soon be able to submit prior authorizations through Availity again. This will be the best and most efficient way to submit a prior authorization.

We have video tips in the next section below to help you.

  • Until Monday, we kindly request you to use alternative channels to submit prior authorizations.
  • Providers should still follow the same guidance for special circumstances.

Prior Authorization Video Tips Available

Our Prior Authorization videos will help you make the most of your submissions. These high-level videos give an overview of the submission process and explain the logic for selecting the appropriate service types.

Please click the link below to view the page with the videos.

Watch Prior Auth Videos →

Workflow and Updated Prior Authorization Guide Available

Our Prior Authorization guide has been updated to reflect the changes with the enhanced Predictal workflow.

Please download the guide to have the most recent information.

Download Updated Guide Here →

Prior Authorization Service Type Infographic Available

We have created an infographic to help you understand how service types are now implemented.

Use this printable PDF as a reference sheet when submitting prior authorizations to better understand the workflows.

Download Service Type Infographic PDF →


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