Partnership Programs

Working together for better health care

Patient-Focused Care

As the leader in security and stability for over 70 years, BCBSWY is transforming health care through Patient-Focused Care. We’re partnering with our Wyoming physicians to encourage care coordination and better health management.

Innovative Patient-Focused Care programs help hold the line on
healthcare costs while promoting effective, high quality medical care. They include:

  • Rewarding doctors for keeping you healthy.
  • Focusing on prevention, wellness and care coordination.
  • Encouraging care at the right location to help lower healthcare costs.
  • Using better data to help doctors and patients understand health concerns.

This coordinated approach helps reduce hospital admissions, decrease emergency room visits and helps prevent expensive surgeries down the road.

Our Patient-Focused goals include:

  • Improving the way doctors and hospitals are paid.
  • Giving doctors and hospitals the tools and data they need.
  • Encouraging people to be active partners in their own healthcare.
  • Reining in costs for everyone.

Coordinated care helps get people healthier at less cost. For Wyoming patients, Patient-Focused Care could be just what the doctor ordered!

Fewer Hassles. Better Service.