Wyoming Blue Circle of Excellence 

For Ambulatory Surgical Centers Knee and Hip Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate your interest in the Blue Circle of Excellence for Knees and Hips evaluation process, please thoroughly review this entire application and the supplemental instructions for more details. 

The application process to be evaluated as a Wyoming Blue Circle of Excellence for Knees and Hips is available throughout the year.

We encourage all interested providers to complete the Wyoming Blue Circle of Excellence application for our team to evaluate if you meet the qualification criteria. Please review the application and instructions to gather the information required before submitting online. The online survey must be completed in the same session. Contact provider.relations@bcbswy.com for more details.

Designation as a Wyoming Blue Circle of Excellence Center differentiates you among peers in your community and around the state. From staff and referring physicians to patients and prospective employees, this highly respected designation affirms your program’s expertise in delivering higher quality and more affordable health care for their knee and hip replacement needs. 

BCBSWY is committed to providing consumers and physicians with increased transparency on provider quality and cost. Wyoming Blue Circle of Excellence designations provide consumers and their referring physicians with the information they need to select a provider recognized for delivering quality, cost-efficient specialty care.

Employers also adopt many tactics to help improve the quality of health care for their employees, while also managing cost. Some of these tactics may include offering richer benefits to employees who use designated WY Blue Circle of Excellence providers.

After an initial award, successful applicants must reapply 90-days before the award expiration to continuously remain in the program. The Wyoming Blue Circle of Excellence program award period is three years after the initial award date. Reapplication is required for on-going participation. This process allows all providers to be evaluated against the same selection criteria.

The evaluation process for Blue Circle of Excellence is a win-win proposition for providers. Whether they meet the program selection criteria or not, every provider evaluated receives a customized report providing useful and critical insights into its performance.

Upon completion of the Participation Agreement a toolkit of promotional resources will be made available. Including a sample press release template, social media posts, artwork, and information about how the ASC can promote the designation. BCBSWY will also assist with coordination of the announcement to help amplify this designation to members and employers.  

If you are not accepted into the program, you will receive a report that can provide a foundation for internal discussions with your executive management or medical staff. This report can be used as a tool to assess and improve your program’s quality and cost performance through comparisons to national benchmarks. Applicants may reapply six months after an unsuccessful application or after application issues have been resolved, whichever is later.

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