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Advanced Claim Editing, Document Processing, Authorization Pre-Check & More
Announcements We are excited to finally share our newly redesigned Provider Update. This update gives everyone a cleaner and more efficient design. Sign up…
Claims, Coding, URAC Guidelines & More
Advanced Claims Editing  We are sharing coding advice to help Providers prepare for our automated claims review process starting March of 2023. These ongoing tips…
Claims Editing, Code Policy, Preventive Services & More
Ongoing: Advanced Claims Editing As part of our ongoing code updates to help Providers prepare for our automated claims review process starting March of…
Reimbursement & Directory Validation Update
Reimbursement Change Effective Oct. 1, BCBSWY will begin using J-code level pricing for J-1745 (infliximab). We will no longer be pricing this medication at…
Covid Code Updates, Appeals Pilot Program & Data Validation Tool
Update: New COVID Codes Added  BCBSWY has updated COVID codes. Please visit to see the new codes. Seeking Volunteers: Join Our Appeals Pilot Program…
Anthem & New Provider Directory Validation Tool Update
Anthem Update If you provide care for a City of New York retiree covered by an Anthem Medicare Advantage plan, please see this update…
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