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Find A Plan

  • Encourages the use of lower cost options for medical care when possible.
  • Save money by choosing the most cost effective location for medical care.
    • Lower out-of-pocket expenses for medical services in Urgent Care, Surgery Centers or Doctors’ Offices.
    • Higher out-of-pocket expenses for medical services in Hospital,
      In-Patient and Out-Patient, or Emergency Rooms. 
  • Promotes discussion with providers about available care options.

A good option if:

you are cost conscious and looking for the best value for your premium dollars.

  • Lowers cost barriers for getting the necessary care to keep you at your best health.
  • Six primary care office visits with a lower copay for each visit.
  • Lower costs or no-cost for certain drugs for treating chronic illness.
    See drug list»
  • Lower costs or no-cost for lab tests to monitor and treat chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, chronic heart failure or asthma.

A good option if:

you have a chronic health condition or medical issue that requires more frequent visits to your doctor or nurse, long-term maintenance prescription drugs, or frequent lab tests.

  • A high deductible plan.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) eligible – a tax free savings account used to pay your out-of-pocket costs.  Learn about HSAs»

A good option if:

you consider yourself healthy and typically get healthcare for preventive services, occasional illness or accidents, and you have the means to contribute to your HSA.

  • Traditional, comprehensive plans with predictable costs.
  • Lower deductibles.
  • Up to two primary care office visits with only a low copay required.

A good option if:

you get frequent healthcare services or prescriptions and want BCBSWY to begin paying sooner.

  • Budget-friendly plans.
  • Premiums are typically lower.
  • Higher deductibles.
  • Intended to serve as a “safety net” to cover large medical costs in case of a major accident or illness.

A good option if:

you rarely get healthcare services and don’t mind paying the deductible when you do need care.

BlueSelect is a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) which meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming is a QHP issuer in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

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