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When you eat a balanced diet, you give your body the nutrients it needs for healthy functioning. A balanced diet is the same as complete diet because it has the right proportion of minerals, vitamin, other essential nutrients, and optimal calories for your body's makeup. -WebMD


Believe it or not, some stress is good for us. It keeps us motivated to do what we need to provide us food and shelter. However, too much can wear us out and if chronic, it can be detrimental to our mental and physical well-being. So, finding ways to keep stress in check is important. -WebMD


Almost half of Americans do not get enough sleep, or what they get is not good enough. Whether you struggle to fall asleep or cannot seem to stay that way, there's reason why the sleep you need elusive. -WebMD


Reaching health goals requires a constant, vigilant effort, which is hard to sustain without some type of external support. Daily Habits provides this support by helping users create an easy plan, visualize goal attainment, and track their progress. -WebMD

The ANew360 Wellness Program understands everyone must find their own path to well-being. That's why we're offering more paths to better health than ever before-including taking care of your mind, body and spirit.

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Get a picture of your health and find tips and fun tools to make choices that are good for you.

Complete a simple Health Assessment that will ask about nutrition, weight management, physical activity, stress, and other health related topics.  Based on your answers, you will be given tips tailored to help you make healthy improvements.

You’ll also find fun wellness tools like a symptom checker, healthy recipes, wellness videos and slideshows, financial wellness, biometric screenings and much more.

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Preventive Care Benefits

The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) and the Department of Health and Human Services requires preventive care benefits for certain types and lines of business.

Review your benefit booklet and see covered preventive care benefits specifically for you and your plan.

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Coverage through your Employer

If you have coverage through your employer’s plan, please contact your group leader or refer to your benefit booklet for preventive care benefits information.

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