HealthPlus Plans – 2024

Manage your chronic health condition and frequent health care needs.

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  • Lowers cost barriers for getting the necessary care to keep you at your best health.
  • Six primary care office visits with a lower copay for each visit.
  • Lower costs or no-cost for certain drugs for treating chronic illness.
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  • Lower costs or no-cost for lab tests to monitor and treat chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, chronic heart failure or asthma.
  • No cost for preventative services.

Good option if...

You have a chronic health condition or medical issue that requires more frequent visits to your doctor or nurse, long-term maintenance prescription drugs, or frequent lab tests.


Gold Plan Silver Plan
HSA Eligible

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No No
Participant deductible $1,000 $4,250
Family deductible $2,000 $8,500
Participant out-of-pocket $9,100 $9,100
Family out-of-pocket $18,200 $18,200


Participant Pays







Preventive Care Paid at 100% of maximum allowable amount at appropriate intervals when services are rendered by a network provider.
Primary Care






Prescription Drugs

Tier 1: Generic Drugs

Tier 2: Preferred Brand drugs


$5/$0 copay

$20/$10 copay


$5/$0 copay

$50/$25 copay

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) View SBC  View SBC 

At-a-Glance is intended to be a condensed overview of some plan benefits and does not cover all benefits or information contained in the Benefit Booklet.  Limitations and exclusions do exist.  At-a-Glance is not a contract.  For exact benefits and limitations, please request a copy of the Benefit Booklet.

Cost Assistance

Based on certain income requirements, you may qualify for assistance, through government subsidies, with your monthly premiums. 

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Find important information on your prescriptions, including how to select a pharmacy, request prescription benefits, and more.

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