BCBSWY Offers New Plans, Options for 2015

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Cheyenne, WY – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming (BCBSWY) announced today that it is offering a total of 15 new health insurance plans for 2015 and easier ways to shop for insurance on-line.

“As the leader in the Wyoming insurance market, BCBSWY is offering a number of quality health plans to meet every need and budget,” said Rick Schum, President and CEO. Among the new plans, BCBSWY will offer “HealthPlus”, an innovative patient-focused plan that offers lower out of pocket costs and low cost prescriptions and laboratory costs for long-term treatment of certain chronic illnesses.

Schum said the company is also excited to offer a new shopping and enrollment website that lets individuals look at coverage options and buy their insurance directly through BCBSWY. “Our easy to use website provides all benefit and pricing information and lets shoppers purchase and enroll directly from us, without starting at the federal website,” he said.

BCBSWY hopes to help Wyoming residents understand what they need to do during the current open enrollment period. “During the next 90 days, we’ll be active in communities across the state, including our 9 local community offices, explaining our innovative insurance plans and our comprehensive hospital and doctor networks available both in and out of state, and helping people with questions so they find the best coverage for them and their families,” Schum said. Schum said the company’s toll-free phone service will be open for extended hours for those who cannot call during the day.

Throughout the open enrollment period which began on November 15, 2014, and continues through February 15, 2015, BCBSWY will offer two HealthPlus products and several other products in the Gold, Silver and Bronze levels, as well as a low premium catastrophic plan. There are also several high-deductible health plans that can be paired with health savings accounts (HSA). Funds contributed to an HSA account can be used for a range of medical costs and are not subject to federal income tax at the time of deposit, often resulting in savings to the consumer.

Information about how to choose and purchase BCBSWY insurance can be found at bcbswy.com/shopping or by calling 800-851-2227.


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