Availity Webinar, Advanced Claim Editing & Coding Advice

Availity Webinar Reminder
As a reminder, BCBSWY is offering training via Availity Essentials for multi-payer appeals. The tool saves Providers time by allowing you to submit and track appeals on Availity.

Check your emails from Availity to reserve one of the webinar dates below:

  • Monday, 1/23/23 from 12-1 p.m. MST
  • Thursday, 1/26/23 from 9-10 a.m. MST

Advanced Claim Editing

We are sharing coding advice to help Providers prepare for our automated claims review process starting in March. These ongoing tips help ensure your claims are properly coded.

Coding Advice

  • BCBSWY will deny claim lines containing invalid National Drug Code (NDC) numbers.
  • BCBSWY will deny claim lines containing expired National Drug Code (NDC) numbers.
  • BCBSWY will deny claim lines containing inappropriate National Drug Code (NDC) numbers.


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