Anesthesia Reimbursement, Nerve Conduction & More

Anesthesia Reimbursement Updates

  • Effective 4/1/2023, we have updated our pricing on 01967 to allow eight additional units above the base instead of the previous four additional units.
  • Effective 4/1/2023, we have increased our allowance for emergency anesthesia.

Nerve Conduction

BCBSWY has updated our EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies medical policy and who is permitted to provide those services.

Please review the policy at using policy number 02.01.095.

Medical Policy Search

BCBSWY Increasing Claims Process Accuracy

BCBSWY takes additional steps to verify the accuracy of payments made to our contracted facilities to ensure high quality claims processing and payment. BCBSWY audits DRG claims and associated medical records to ensure payments are applied in accordance with national correct coding standard rules.

BCBSWY has contracted with Cotiviti to assist us in this effort since July 2022. If you have DRG claims selected for audit, you will receive a letter from Cotiviti requesting medical records for these claim audits on behalf of BCBSWY.

Please reach out if you have any questions.


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