Boys & Girls Club HealthY Habits

The Caring Foundation has been supporting the Healthy Habits program at each Boys and Girls Club in Wyoming since 2015.

Healthy Habits provides the youth of Wyoming the building blocks for a balanced diet and allows them to emerge as strong, healthy young adults. The program provides age-appropriate skill building activities that cover a range of topics including:

  •          Goal-setting and meal planning
  •          Managing an appropriate food intake
  •          Selecting health-supporting food
  •          Interacting with others through food
  •          Physical Activity

In addition, Healthy Habits addresses social, cognitive, and emotional factors that influence a young person’s desire to eat well, and intentionally includes opportunities for youth to improve access to healthy food in their community.

7-year-old Kaiah went home from Club after a Healthy Habits lesson and told her mom that “From now on, please put mostly vegetables on my plate. That’s how I stay healthy.” – Central Wyoming Boys & Girls Club staff member

In 2020, The Healthy Habits grant provided 47,525 snacks

and 29,961 meals to kids across Wyoming.