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Health Club Credit

If your employer offers the Health Club Credit as part of your benefits package, you can earn up to a $20 credit monthly for working out at a participating club.

If you:

If covered under your plan, your spouse can also participate. Same criteria apply.

Health Club Credit Enrollment - 3 Easy Steps

  1. Receive and complete authorization for release of information-wellness programs and return to your employer
  2. Bring welcome letter and BCBSWY health plan card to health club*
  3. Fill out enrollment form

*If your health club is not affiliated with NIHCA, nominate them now.

Health Club Credit FAQ

Am I eligible for the Health Club Credit?

If your employer chooses to include the Health Club Credit in your benefits package, you receive a notification letter. If that sounds familiar but you don’t have the letter, ask your HR department.

How and when will I be credited?

Please note the two-month lag between the month you complete your workouts and the month you see your credit. For example, if you complete 12 workouts in February, your participation will be validated in March and your account will be credited at the end of March. If you miss a month, your future credits will follow this same schedule.

What if my club’s monthly fees are less than $20.00 per month?

If your monthly membership is less than $20.00, your credit will reflect the amount you pay per month. For example, if your monthly membership fee is $15.00 each month, you will be credited $15.00 each month you work out 12 times.

Why does the health club need my Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming (BCBSWY) member number?

The health club needs a unique number to ensure that your workouts are credited to you.

I have a family or a dual membership. How will the workout be counted?

Your workouts will be credited toward your unique number and your spouse’s workouts will be credited toward their unique number. Individuals must workout 12 days per month to receive their credit. (A maximum of two — subscriber and spouse over the age of 18 — can participate with a maximum credit of $40.00 per household.)

I belong to a health club with multiple locations. Can I work out at any location and still have it count toward my 12 days per month requirement?

Only workouts that take place in the location where you first enroll will count toward your monthly credit.

What if I transfer my health club membership or cease to be a BCBSWY member?

You need to be a current member of the health club and BCBSWY when the credit is applied — which is two months after the month you complete your workouts. So if you terminate your health club membership or your BCBSWY eligibility status changes before the credit has been applied, you will give up that credit.

Am I eligible for this program even if I am already a member of a participating health club?

Yes, as long as your employer offers this benefit. Just complete an enrollment form at the health club so your health club can ensure that you receive your credit. Be sure to provide your health club with your member welcome letter that signals your eligibility for program participation.

What date during the month is the best time to sign up?

It is best to sign up for the program as early in the month as possible so it is easier to accomplish 12 workouts. A maximum of one workout per day is credited.

If I miss one or two workouts one month, can I make them up in the next month and still get reimbursed for the month I did not meet the requirement?

No, the program only provides credits for months where you workout 12 days during the month.

Who can I contact with questions about the Health Club Credit program?

Call BCBSWY Member Services at 800-442-2376.

We're here to help.

Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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