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The Healthcare Online Resource THOR

The Healthcare Online Resource (THOR) is a self-service tool available 24/7 to participating physicians, clinics and hospitals. Secure access allows:

  • Verify patients' BCBSWY coverage
  • View claim information
  • Retrieve vital BCBSWY information in one place
  • Ensure security of data
  • Access educational information
  • Troubleshoot potential claim issues and expedite claims processing
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating telephone inquiries
  • Provide information to help patients remain in their chosen network

For questions regarding THOR, or to set up a WebEx training session, call Application Support Services at 800-544-8467. THOR offers the following online applications:

Bulletin Board

Search THOR's Bulletin Board for the information you need on the latest medical policies, news bulletins, BCBSWY Contracts and much more. A search function allows the user to find specific information and print if necessary.

Claims Inquiry

Claim Inquiry allows Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming (BCBSWY) participating providers to view professional, institutional, pharmacy, dental and vision claims submitted to BCBSWY.

Claim Inquiry gives you the ability to manage your accounts receivable at all times. You can see why an outstanding claim is still in process, as well as verify the information on a processed claim. It also includes the same detailed information as the weekly payment listings:

  • 18 months of professional claims history
  • 30 months of institutional claims history
  • 39 months of pharmacy claims history

Providers may also initiate, submit or print professional or institutional claims adjustments using Claim Inquiry.

Accessing claims information can be done by benefit plan number, patient name or claim number.

The confidentiality of your facility is protected since Claim Inquiry shows you only the claims your office has submitted. Double-clicking on the "Not Paid" and "Discount" amounts will display the reasons for these amounts, eliminating the need for hard copy explanations.

Electronic Payment Listings

View payment listing(s) electronically.

Fee Schedules

This application allows the user to view the Kid Care CHIP/ASC/Home Health Fee Schedule.


Streamline your registration process and care for your patients as quickly as possible by using THOR's Membership function. BCBSWY participating providers can verify their patient's eligibility, coordination of benefits, Benefit Plan, network affiliation and cost share amounts within seconds.

And, depending upon your security, you can also verify whether your patient has Dental and/or Vision coverage.

THOR also helps you and your patient manage their care and remain in their chosen network so they can receive the highest level of benefits available to them.

Membership shows you the effective dates of your patient's coverage and whether or not they are within a waiting period.

Since maintaining a healthy bottom line is paramount to your financial stability, cost share information is available to determine the amount that is your patient’s responsibility.

All of THOR's applications complement each other, and together they make up the wide variety of information you need to work efficiently.


The Inpatient Hospital stay Preauthorization/Referral application allows providers to enter and submit preauthorizations and referrals electronically and view the approval or denial online. Records are archived for quick retrieval and verification.

Provider Data Exchange

View and update demographic information for clinics, institutions, and/or individual providers. The application also displays the history of changes for providers.

Provider Directory

The Provider Directory gives you detailed information about all healthcare providers on file with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming (active, participating and non-participating providers). You can retrieve information on providers by inquiring on their name, provider type, network, specialty, and city, or in any combination of these. You can also retrieve information by inquiring on their Wyoming Provider Identification Number (PIN).

Provider Directory gives you the tools to help manage your patient's healthcare. Knowing who participates in your patient's healthcare network equips you to help your patients make informed choices when they need a referral for other services.

Since the multi-faceted THOR applications are built to complement each other, you don't need multiple software programs running to access all this diverse information.

Setting up THOR Web Access


  • An Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11 with 128 bit encryption and the latest service pack
  • IBM Compatible computer on a Windows platform
  • Windows Operating System - Windows 7 or Windows 8.1


  • DSL or direct cable connection to the Internet or minimum of 56 Kbps network performance
  • Allow the THOR web page to your pop-up blocker settings before utilizing the THOR applications.

Please note that the THOR applications have been tested and function on the above-required platforms. These requirements are subject to change.

For assistance, contact THOR Support Services at 800.544.8467, or e-mail

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