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Review My Doctor

Review My Doctor

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is it?

When you need to find a doctor, you probably ask family and friends for their recommendations. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could help others make more informed healthcare choices by sharing your own experiences? And what if you could see feedback from thousands of other members who have rated their experiences with doctors in your area and nationwide?

Now you can! Discover a feature that gives you a way to evaluate and review physicians and other healthcare professionals. In short, you can tell other members about your experiences in your own words. Sharing your experience can help others find a great doctor. You can also see reviews posted by other Blue Plan members from your community and across the country.

How does it work?

Each time you receive healthcare services from a physician or healthcare professional and your claim has been processed, you can post a review about your experience. Categories you can rate include:

  • The ease of making appointments
  • Helpfulness and courtesy of staff
  • Communication with the provider
  • Wait time
  • The condition of the facility
  • Your overall satisfaction

You can post numerical ratings as well as your own written comments.

Are comments moderated?

All written comments are reviewed by a moderator before they’re published. Moderators review comments to ensure that they don't violate the Conditions of Use that the member agrees to during the survey process. A comment may violate the Conditions of Use for any of the following reasons: violation of a third party's rights, abusive content, egregious or illegal activity, spamming, commercial solicitation, general troublemaking and untrue statements.

Remember, the purpose of posting reviews is to help other members, not harm a doctor, provider or their practice. Comments that violate our Conditions of Use will not be published.

Where are the results displayed?

Survey results are posted to our Doctor and Hospital Finder.

Why is BCBSWY offering this service?

A Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive survey found that most Americans favor the use of patient satisfaction surveys above other quality measures, and that most adults are interested in participating in and using Web-based consumer ratings tools. In addition, in a study conducted with the help of an independent research firm, 94% of respondents said that having access to information about other individuals' experiences was important in their healthcare decision-making. We believe that informed patients make better healthcare decisions and we want to help members take charge of their healthcare.

How do you get started?

To post a review, go to Review My Doctor. And be sure to visit our Doctor and Hospital Finder to see if there are reviews from other members about your healthcare provider.

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