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Members FAQ

What can I expect once I enroll?

What is Online Member Services?

Online Member Services is a secure method from our website that allows you to check your claims, request an ID card, print an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and more.

Register Now

How do I register for Online Member Services?


  • Have your ID number ready – you can find this on your BCBSWY identification card.
  • You will be asked to create a username and complete the information requested. Remember to enter your ID number exactly as it appears on your identification card.
  • Once you submit your registration, watch for an email with easy instructions to create your own password. This will give you instant and secure access to your personal information.
  • Register, it’s Easy

How do I check my claims?

It’s easy to check your claims online. Simply Log In and select My Claims. Need to Register first? If you need additional help with your claims, contact Member Services at 1-800-442-2376.

Why do I need authorization to discuss the health information of my spouse or dependent children with BCBSWY Member Services?

Each person’s health information is personal and sensitive, and protecting this information is extremely important. Federal laws (HIPAA) govern who has access to personal health information and how this information can be used. If you wish to have access to the personal health information of a covered family member age 18 or older, have him/her complete the HIPAA Authorization to Release Information form and mail it to us. Or, complete the request through Online Member Services.

Why do I have to complete the Other Coverage Questionnaire every year?

A member’s health insurance information can change frequently. The questionnaire verifies any other healthcare coverage you may currently have or have had in the past. It is important for BCBSWY to maintain the correct insurance information for you and your family so we can process your claims accurately and in a timely fashion.

How do I communicate a change of name, address or phone number?

It is important for us to maintain the correct contact information including accurate mailing addresses and telephone numbers so we can continue to communicate with you efficiently about your healthcare coverage. A Change Notification Form can be completed and mailed to us. Or, request a change through Online Member Services.

What is Healthcare Reform and how does it apply to me?

On behalf of our 100,000+ members, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming is committed to working with the Administration and all other parties to implement the Healthcare Reform law. Visit Healthcare Reform for information on the new healthcare provisions that may apply to your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming policy.

What is an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a document sent to the member by BCBSWY after a claim for services has been processed. The various sections provide important information about how a claim processed. This form should be carefully reviewed and kept with other important records. Explanation of Benefits Guide

How can I get a copy of my Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

It’s easy to get a copy of your EOB online. Simply Log In and select My Claims. Need to Register first?

Where can I find the forms I need?

Forms are easy to find and print from our website.

Employers FAQ

I have questions about Healthcare Reform. Can you help?

Why should I consider purchasing group health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming (BCBSWY) is a stable Wyoming company committed to quality and service. We offer a broad range of health insurance products for Wyoming employers and strive to provide top notch service to our more than 100,000 members. For more than 70 years, we have developed systems and processes essential in assisting employers to establish and maintain effective group insurance plans for their employees. As a local Wyoming company, we have sales and support offices across the state in 10 Wyoming locations and a dedicated staff ready to help you meet your insurance needs.

What do I receive once I have decided to purchase group health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming?

Once you decide to purchase group health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming, you will receive a packet of information that includes all the forms and supplies necessary to administer your group health plan. Our sales, marketing, member services and management staff will lend their support every step of the way. Much of the information you need to manage your insurance plan is also available on our website.

What will my employees receive once I have decided to purchase group health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming?

Your employees can expect their BCBSWY ID Card(s) to show up in the mail along with helpful information about their new coverage. This information will be useful to them over time, so they are encouraged to hang on to it.

What type of electronic capabilities do you have to help manage my group health insurance plan?

BCBSWY currently offers two electronic tools that can help employers manage their health insurance plan.

The Healthcare Online Resource (THOR) is a secure web-based system that allows registered BCBSWY groups to manage membership functions online including verifying the employees currently enrolled on your group plan.

Blue Link is an online enrollment system to manage membership functions. This system also includes reporting capabilities for employee life events, benefit elections and terminations.

How do my employees contact BCBSWY if they have questions?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming’s Member Services Department is available to answer employer and employee questions between the hours of 8:00a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Mountain Time, Monday through Friday at 1-800-442-2376. Employees may also Contact Us online.

Can my employees get care anywhere?

Employees will have access to one of the nation’s largest provider networks. In addition to features such as direct claims filing and balance billing protection, the BlueCard® system makes local pricing arrangements available to the employer and employees when employees find it necessary to seek care outside Wyoming. In addition, employees have access to doctors and hospitals across the United States in more than 200 countries and territories around the world through Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® Core.

How do I add employees to my group plan?

There are several options available for groups to add new employees to their health insurance coverage.

New employees may complete a health insurance application. Once complete, the application can be forwarded by mail to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming at PO Box 2266, Cheyenne, WY 82003 or handled by your local agent.

For those groups who are registered on The Healthcare Online Resource (THOR), new enrollments can be handled electronically through this secure web-based system.

Groups using Blue Link can enroll new employees through an online application. Upon completion, a confirmation screen will provide the effective date of coverage.

How can I get additional supplies to manage my group health plan?

There are several ways to obtain additional supplies:

  1. Contact your local agent
  2. Call Member Services at 1-800-442-2376
  3. Contact us online

When do I submit premium for a new employee?

After the new employee application has been submitted and approved by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming, the employee’s premium will be reflected on your next group billing.

Where do I send my premium payments?

Please mail premium payments to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming, PO Box 2266, Cheyenne, WY 82003 or authorize payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

How do I terminate employees from my group plan?

There are several options available for groups to remove employees from their health insurance coverage.

The group leader may complete and submit a Transaction Transmittal form to BCBSWY.

For groups who are registered, the termination can be completed electronically through Blue Link.

Do my employees need to submit a claim to BCBSWY after receiving healthcare services or will the provider handle it?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming participating providers will file claims directly with us for your employees. However, if an employee receives services from a non-participating provider, the claim may need to be submitted by the employee.

Can an employee add a spouse and/or children to their policy?

If family members did not enroll in the health insurance plan when the employee was first enrolled, a spouse or children can be added during Open Enrollment or if there has been a qualifying event. Examples of a qualifying event include: marriage, birth/adoption of a child, divorce, change in insurance status etc.

What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is the period each year when a late entrant employee (one that did not enroll in the health insurance plan when first eligible) can enroll in the group health plan. This is also the time a spouse or dependent can be added to the group health plan.

Why would BCBSWY ask for payroll records?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming may occasionally ask for payroll records when we work with small group employers. We request this information to verify that all full time employees are either insured on the group’s insurance plan or have group health insurance through another employer. We are also attempting to verify that all employees on the group health insurance plan are full time employees. Part time employees are ineligible to enroll in small group health insurance plans. Finally, we are verifying that the group has met the percentage requirements for sponsoring a group policy.

What is COBRA?

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) is the continuation of a group policy after and employee is no longer employed by the company. The employee is notified of their COBRA rights and if the terminated employee or dependents elect COBRA, the premium billing is sent directly to the employee. The benefits provided will be the same as those offered to active group employees, minus any life insurance. The COBRA coverage period varies based on group size.

Most employers sponsoring group health plans are subject to COBRA. Generally, employers with 20 or more employees on at least half the business days in a calendar year are subject to the COBRA law. Employers with fewer than 20 employees, plus churches and certain government plans, are exempt from the COBRA law but may be subject to state continuation of coverage laws. COBRA must be offered to terminated employees, their spouses and their dependents who lose coverage as a result of a qualifying event. Complete loss of coverage due to termination of employment or a divorce, are examples in which COBRA may be offered.

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