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Health Assessment and Digital Health Coaching

SUCCEED® is a wellness program for your employees that begins by using a personal online health assessment. SUCCEED evaluates health-related behaviors and health history around nutrition, weight, physical activity, stress, tobacco use, skin protection, injury prevention, alcohol use, and health screenings. Based on personal responses, SUCCEED produces an individually tailored action plan for each employee to encourage healthy improvements – just as a health coach would. This plan also includes several interactive tools, videos, and recipes – as well as a complete medical library – so your employees can continually interact with the tailored plan – achieving meaningful participation and healthy outcomes.

Online Coaching Tools

  • Step by Step — Making a change can be tough. But once your employees decide to go for it, charting progress can be fun – and valuable. They can gauge where they are today and analyze where they want to be for the future. They can track the journey with Step by Step – a compass to a healthier lifestyle.
  • BMI Calculator — The Body Mass Index (BMI) compares weight to height and indicates how much weight affects the risk for future health problems.
  • Food Fight — Learn to balance calories in (food consumption) with calories out (activity).
  • Health News — Want to know the latest? Health News covers health and wellness topics and delivers the scoop on the latest health insights.
  • Cookbook — Food that’s easy to make, healthy, and smart. Check out this extensive catalog of recipes for meals that taste so good and are good for you too.
  • Medical Library — The A.D.A.M. Health Illustrated Encyclopedia contains over 3,600 healthcare articles on diseases, conditions, and preventive health, all with images and graphics to help make it even easier to understand.


Use this Payroll Stuffer for your employees with information to access SUCCEED through BCBSWY’s Online Member Services.


SUCCEED® is a health assessment and digital health coaching tool provided for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming members by Wellness & Prevention, Inc., an independent company.

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