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Q. What is MediQHome?

A. MediQHome is a model of care your grandparents received from their family doctor, but with a 21st century twist. Through MediQHome, you choose your own MediQHome doctor who gets to know you and manages your care. The 21st century twist comes from the MediQHome technology that provides personalized information, which allows the doctor to deliver care to you more effectively.

Q. How do I participate?

A. You need to do nothing further to enroll in MediQHome if your doctor participates. You’re automatically part of the program because you have a chronic condition or are due for one or more preventive screenings. Your contribution comes through working with your doctor to manage your condition.

Q. I have more questions. Where do I get answers?

A. For questions about your care, contact your doctor’s office. For specific questions about the MediQHome program, contact BCBSWY Member Services at 800-442-2376.

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